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All-new Honda NX500, a perfect choice for modern street adventures. Crafted to be the ultimate companion for those seeking thrilling rides from city streets to weekend escapades, the NX500 redefines versatility.

Its modern off-road inspired design, featuring an assertive rally-style fairing and a large sized screen, offers both comfort and wind protection.

This cutting-edge ride is equipped with advanced technology, including a 5-inch TFT screen with Honda RoadSync smartphone connectivity.

Powered by an A2-compliant twin-cylinder engine, the NX500 ensures flexible and immensely enjoyable perfomance with HSTC traction management. 


The thunderous power, the fearless stance, the exhilarating rush of the open roads – a legend rises, CB350, where tech-meets-bold riding, with its timeless style and brave presence, itʼs your trusted sidekick.

Gear up to charge with the 2025-ready OBD-2B standards. Where others hesitate, you prefer exploring uncharted paths, you ride bolder together over every stretch of road with your CB350 as the ultimate ally, subtly asserting your bold voice to the world of whisperers at every mile.

So, it is your time to take the roads with CB350, Bold alone, Bolder together.

The whole world knows the might and prowess of the brand CB.

Its unmatched performance, advanced technology and unrivalled reliability makes it a perfect example of fine Japanese craftsmanship. The H’ness CB350 is more than just a motorcycle, it is an experience that should be had on breath taking terrains across India. So, let’s bring the red carpets out to welcome the newest majesty in town because Your Highness has arrived!




The dreams we all have about motorcycles. That’s been our pursuit over the years. And what we have achieved, is the history of the evolution of CB, a motorcycle that has always been alongside our customers. Performance, technology, and unrivalled reliability – this is where we’ve devoted every bit of passion and wisdom. CB is the answer to your dreams.


Introducing the New CB300F, Get ready to upgear your riding experience and dominate the urban streets with your unique style.

It is time to upgear the excitement, the power, and the adrenaline rush to full throttle. Our majestic ride is geared up for a sustainable future, compliant with OBD-2A standards. Its upgear performance, commanding presence, and spirited engine, makes every ride an exhilarating journey.


The Neo Sports Cafe puts Japanese craftsmanship to work and brings together the two main components one looks for in a bike – style and performance.

Our dashing ride is ready to embrace a sustainable future, adhering to OBD-2A standards. Its bold new look contrasts brushed alloy radiator shrouds with a blacked-out engine and an underslung, upswept exhaust.

The all-new steel tubular frame and stout-looking, 41mm upside down front forks provide agile handling as well as character. And with all LED round headlamp, tailamp and indicators, this bike is made to be seen as its rider stands out everywhere.

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